You're the boss!...
...but everyone just does what they want?

You know the way ahead...
...but no one wants to follow you?

You are leading a company...
...but your employees do things their own way?

In our time, leading professionals must meet a very complex array of requirements. Professional skills, however, are no longer the only expected capabilities: one's own personality traits and skills are becoming more and more important as well when it comes to leading an enterprise and motivating co-workers.

Poor communication skills and a lack of self-assertion abilities are often responsible when the superior and the employee don't pull together. Sometimes, however, we are not even aware of the fact that these deficits exist.

Here, we make use of the sensitivity of the Icelandic horses...

Icelandic horses are very sensitive animals. With their friendly and respectful demeanor, they really are faithful and receptive companions of us humans.
That is why they are capable of recognizing and reflecting the inner "core" of a person.
This direct and unfiltered mirror reveals a person's own behavior and their personal authenticity. You will be amazed at how quickly they will sense you!

Through stepwise and cumulative training sequences in both theory and practice we can learn to detect and advance our own leadership skills.
Enjoy a personality coaching of its own kind out in the nature.
Working with these magnificent and truthful animals will prove an exciting and memorable experience not only you but also your co-workers will profit from.